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    Welcome to Fishing Duel
    Revolutionizing Tournament Fishing
    We bring the Tournaments to you no matter where you live or how you fish
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    Welcome to Fishing Duel
    Are You Up For The Battle?
    All are welcome. Come join our Catch|Photo|Release
    tournaments and win some prizes.
Fishing Duel

About Fishing Duel and our Tournaments

Fishing Duel offers all people who fish access to Online Tournaments and a chance to participate in world class fishing tournaments. Anglers can find a tournament they like and simply join online. The free app allows you to search, join and keep tabs on the current leaderboard. Cutting edge technology keeps things simple so all you need to do is catch that lunker and win some prizes.

Tournament Registration

Register for tournaments directly from your Angler Dashboard. It's so simple. All steps from finding your tournamment to making payments are handled online in seconds.

Tournament Ranking

Real-time tournament system gives you up to the second rankings. As soon as an angler uploads their catch the rankings are updated. Always know where you stand.


Tournaments are run Nationwide. You no longer need to be restricted to a region. Want to fish for Bass against someone accross the Country? Now you can!

Why choose Fishing Duel?

We make Tournament Fishing simple and fun for everyone.

Our Catch | Photo | Release Tournaments are fun for everyone. The technology behind Fishing Duel Tournaments is cutting edge and gives every angler a chance to win! Simply catch, photo and release. The photo is uploaded via the Tourney App and that's it. Always know where you stand using the app. Finally you can participate in real live tournaments at your convenience.

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Join and Participate Tournaments From Anywhere

Our tournaments are open to everyone. We use the cutting edge TourneyX app that allows you to register and participate with your mobile device.

Fishing Duel - Revolutionizing Tournament Fishing

We offer all anglers the chance to compete against other anglers no matter where you live. Our events are affordable and fun. We use the Catch | Photo | Release method which saves our fish populations (See instructions).

Do you have an idea for a tournament?

Let us help you organize your event. From online marketing to tournament administration we will create a special tournament for your anglers. Contact us today.

Fishing Duel

Latest Tournaments

You will find our latest tournaments listed here and on the TourneyX Tournament site. Feel free to join any tournament you are eligible for. Please review the rules prior to joining. These tournaments were created to give everyone a chance to win. Good luck and tight lines!

Fishing Duel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catch | Photo | Release?
During our tournaments anglers use their mobile app to photograph their catch and record basic information while on the water. The photo can be uploaded to the tournement site while still fishing or when you are done. This method gives anglers a chance to participate in a tournament, have a history of their best all while preserving our fisheries. Our tournaments are based on total overall combined length...not weight. The tournament software will keep track of all fish caught and update the leaderboard so you will always know where you stand.

Recording of fish is completed by the CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) method. Anglers are solely responsible for the uploading of their fish to TourneyX.com. The approved measuring device is the Hawg Trough, Ketch brand board or Rapala folding ruler. These can be purchased at your local tackle shop or Amazon. They are very inexpensive and you will use them all the time.

The identifier must be present in the photo without obstruction. If the identifier is three letters, ALL three letters must be clearly visible. View Image

The fish should be positioned with the face to the left and the dorsal fin up.

The mouth should be closed and touching the front of the measuring device. 1/4” DEDUCTION for open mouth. An open mouth is considered when the color of the Hawg Trough is visible through the opening of the mouth.

The measuring device may cause a pinching of the tail. This will not result in a deduction in the scoring of your fish. The tail must lay flat against the Hawg Trough. If it is raised from the board, you will be asked to submit an alternate photo and/or fish. If one cannot be provided, you will receive a standard 1” deduction.

It is recommended to use a black sharpie to highlight the markings on your measuring device without obstruction.

Photo must include the entire fish. NO obstructions.

Blurred photos will not be allowed.

Fish must face left and dorsal fin must be facing upward.

Fish visibly unharmed. No restraint devices allowed.

Markings on the measuring device must be visible and legible.

Assigned identifier must be completely visible.

TourneyX has a built in, unique code for each angler in a tournament. The judge can view this code when verifying fish. Once the tournament starts, the identifier card and code will be available to you.

Step 1
Go to “My Dashboard” and click on the “View Identifiers”.

Step 2
You will see your 4 digit identifier code in the blue box. Now click on the blue box.

Step 3
This is the identifier.

Step 4
Right click anywhere on the image, and then click “Save image as..”.

Now open the image where you saved it to, and print. Write your code on in the gray box at the bottom. I advise printing out multiple cards with your code and keep them in separate places in your boat, kayak or on your person. If you lose one identifier, you will still have a backup. I suggest putting them in a zip lock bag as well.

drop us a line

Run your own Tournement. Contact us.

That's right! Do you have an idea for your own Tournement? Maybe just a simple one on one challenge. Let Fishing Duel manage your event. From setting up the Tournement backend, creating graphics and banners, marketing in our various Social Media platforms...all you need to do is give us the idea and we do the rest.

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